Brennan Lenihan, Attorney at Law & Mediator

Brennan Lenihan, Attorney at Law & Mediator


Brennan Lenihan, Attorney at Law & Mediator, is a Rule 31 trained Mediator in both Divorce and Family Law cases, and in General/Civil cases, and has been successfully mediating cases for about nine years now. In addition to mediating cases for other parties or attorneys, we effectively utilize our training and experience to assist our own clients in evaluation, negotiation, preparation and trials of their cases.

Mediation is a process where the parties, usually with their attorneys, identify issues, engage in discussion and compromise, and attempt to resolve their issues with a neutral mediator. The mediator can also show each party the strengths and weaknesses of their, so they understand the risk and expense of going to trial. While you don’t have to agree to anything in mediation, if you do, your agreement will be binding. Mediation gives the parties the opportunity to be in control and to develop an agreement that works well for them rather than having a Judge decide the case.

Mediation has many advantages to a trial – it is less expensive, less adversarial, and faster. It is popular because it works, and because the parties create the agreement themselves, with the help of the mediator, they are much more likely to successfully abide by its terms and be able to work with each other after the mediation is over.

So why should you mediate? In Tennessee, all divorce cases must now be mediated before the parties can go to trial. Mediation can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, and your mediated agreement is yours – it will be much more likely to address your issues or concerns than a Judge’s ruling or order. Finally, when you reach an agreement with an opposing party, your chance of getting along with them afterward is greatly increased.

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If you need an experienced and effective Rule 31 trained mediator to help you work toward a resolution in your case, please contact the Law Office of Brennan Lenihan, Attorney at Law & Mediator, and let us use our negotiation skills, knowledge of the law, and years of experience to help.

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